Salma Hayek Eats in an Unzipped Dress !

Salma Hayek posted something the feeder fetish people who you don’t want to be caught sitting across from at a restaurant, at least not if you’re a hot girl, will love.

After a night living her life of glamour, she unzipped her dress and scarfed some food down for the fans.

We can assume that she didn’t eat all day, knowing she would be in the dress and girl with the girls needed some feeding.

Being part of old Hollywood royalty, not actual old Hollywood, all those cats are dead, but new old Hollywood, as in the 90s, when celebrities were celebrities and we weren’t invited to the party, this is not the kind of content you’d expect from Salma Hayek as a BTS from the event.

The billionaire’s wife is not too snobby to bust some social media jokes taking a little dig at her lifestyle, because even the rich and famous can have a sense of humor!