Luna In Apartment

We don’t know much about the model, but her name is LUNA and she seems to be based out of Russia, which I guess to some people is a naughty word, but to me, it’s a place filled with insanely hot babes being naughty, which will always give it a pass, especially since I ignore the news and don’t subscribe to activism, but do subscribe to hot babes.

In my investigative journalism, trying to figure out where Luna was from, I clicked on one of her locations, which is a swimming spot in Moscow, and the “Top Posts” are all these INSANELY HOT ladies and I thought to myself, I love Russian women.

This was shot by photographer Mike Ivnitsky for REKT .

In this shoot, the model is working it in an apartment, on the patio, on the floor and it’s a nice invitation to an intimate moment that we’d likely never experience since tourism to Russia is on no one’s bucket list right now!