Kara Del Toro’s Lingerie!

Kara Del Toro is a model from instagram that we post here relatively frequently, thanks to her producing some hot content on the regular, when she’s not attending star studded events in LA, of course.

We wouldn’t dare call her an instagram model, because that’s a derogatory word, far worse than misgendering or using the wrong pronoun on a barista because it implies her millions of fans and followers only exist on instagram, making her more of an instagram marketing guru than a talent people are enthralled by!

We would however say that the key to a good social media channel, when you are a model who strips down, is sharing those adventures of being stripped down with the fans, which is what Kara Del Toro is doing here.

Unfortunately, her sheer lingerie has been thwarted by pasties and a secondary pair of nude colored panties, but it’s still great.

We don’t have the video, so some of the screen captures aren’t the most posed or flattering, but who’s looking at her face, I mean she’s got so much more to offer us than face!