Kara Del Toro Trenchcoat Flasher!

Kara Del Toro is an instagram model and/or influencer, I guess, I don’t really know what to label the babes of instagram who amass a huge following that they can sell to advertisers and get rich off.

It’s honest work, but I still don’t really know what is the politically correct label because you know an instagram model probably hates being called an instagram model as it implies she’s nothing outside of instagram. I’d also assume an influencer hates being called an influencer because it sounds silly. Maybe they just like content creators.

Either way, Kara Del Toro, the LA based babe posted up a series of hot pictures of her wearing a trench coat which one could think of as a hot take on a trench coat flasher you were warned about and avoided in the 80s, or even darker, part of the trench coat mafia of the 90s, where I just see a babe being a babe and it doesn’t need any overthinking and labels, don’t we have enough of those out there!