Kara Del Toro In a Lingerie Campaign!

Kara Del Toro is one of these models we post ALL the time because she’s constantly working.

Whether she is an instagram model, influencer, social media sensation, or a genuine found in a mall by an agency model is irrelevant.

We are in a self-produced content generation and the self produced content can get you seen, it can get you heard, it can find you love, it can get you work.

So we don’t need to break down everyone’s rise to the top, we just have focus on what these people do when they are at the top and Kara does a lot.

She posts in bikinis while traveling.

She goes to exclusive LA events in revealing dresses, making her a style icon to me.

Clearly, lingerie brand Yamamay agree because they’ve partnered up with her and her life changing, inspiring, INFLUENTIAL body and it’s a scorcher!