Ionela in Spain!

Ionela Paduraru is likely a Spanish based model who is captured on a summer excursion along the sea by Javier Fenoll .

You may not be able to get yourself to Europe, to live out that romanticized version of a European road trip you may have. So I appreciate that model and photographer and letting us join them.

Europe is likely amazing and not just for the topless beaches being standard fare, but because of the history, culture and food. I just don’t think going there now would be anywhere near as fun as in the pre-internet era of the 60s and 70s, when people weren’t influenced by all the same trends, where popular spots weren’t raped and pillaged by instagram users for that familiar pic from that familiar place, when you could really feel like you were in another world, surrounded by beautiful ladies intrigued by the American.

In this shoot, you will get a taste of Europe by the sea with a wonderful looking model in her hot outfits, in places you may rather be!

Story via C-Heads