Gabrielle is Posing!

I just came across this shoot of a model named Gabrielle, who is unfortunately not linked to in the original post because if she was, I am sure this was her going viral moment, seeing as how wonderful she is to look at in this shoot.

I don’t know much about the shoot, other than Daniel Edi who is out of Lithuania and who clearly has access to a roster of talent that would make anyone want to buy a camera and move to Lithuania with nothing but a dream, that’s not to say it will be as good as these pictures, but as long as you’re happy, right!

In this shoot, Gabrielle is posing nude, in the most classy, and artsy way. Well, probably not the most artsy way, we’d probably hate to see the most artsy nude because you know how weird artists can be.This shoot is just pretty and nice and that makes it perfect, all thanks to Gabrielle!

Story via REKT MAG