Britney Spears Takes The Pole in a Black Thong!

I still have a very hard time believing this is a real video of Britney Spears, not because I’m in denial of her behaviour like some die hard Britney fan, I don’t even really like Britney that much and didn’t grow up listening to her song aside from what would play on the radio – I never even owned a Britney album and trust me, I was in that generation.

The thing is, this whole Britney Spears thing they are presenting us with seems so fake from every angle, like I really do believe this is some body double acting out their Britney Spears fantasy and that the real Britney was killed off years ago, this just can’t be her.

Anyway here is the Britney Spears impersonator dancing around on a pink stripper pole in a black thong. Ridiculous.