Aubrey Plaza’s Cleavage did SNL!

There are two classes of citizens in this modern world, those who like SNL and those who can’t stand it.

I am in the “can’t stand it” category, despite appreciating the history, some of the talent that’s come through the organization, it’s just so dated and the comedy is so weak, lame, sad, it just doesn’t resonate with me and probably hasn’t since I was about 12 years old before finding internet porn.

Aubrey Plaza was the host this weekend and I only noticed because of her cleavage dress you’ll see in the attached gallery.

Aubrey Plaza’s a nerd icon, people love her awkwardness that no matter what role she plays, is basically always there. Maybe it’s just her facial expressions, but she’s loved.

She most recently won some hearts in White Lotus’ second season, where she had a sex scene or two, so now she’s becoming a more mature talent that we must view more sexually than ever before.

Unfortunately, being on SNL does everything it can to take that from us, but Plaza keeps winning.

Here she reliving her Parks and Rec character with Amy Poehler, I never watched the show, but I guess people are excited about it and I can assure you it’s not because of Scarlett Johannsson’s husband, but because nostalgia is all they’ve got!

Here she is smoking weed with nuns:

Here’s that dress: