Rams? Chiefs? Where will Odell Beckham Jr. sign?

Odell Beckham Jr. went from early Super Bowl hero to unemployed job-seeker in a matter of days.

What set off the abrupt turnaround? The worst kind of unforeseen event for an athlete: a major injury. In Beckham’s case, a torn ACL late in the second quarter of the Super Bowl.

Since then, a career that looked to be revitalized during the back half of the 2022 season has become a burgeoning mystery.

But detective Chris Broussard has his own Sherlockian resolution to Beckham’s free agency: a union with the people’s GOAT, Tom Brady.

OBJ still up for grabs, Rams, Chiefs likely landing spots | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Odell Beckham Jr is still on the market, and after winning a Super Bowl with the Rams, it’s looking most likely that he’ll return to the Rams. But there are other teams looking to make a play for the WR.

“It looks like he won’t be back until October or November,” Broussard forecasted Wednesday on “First Things First.” “Especially with him coming back midway through the season, I’d like to see him with a great quarterback on a team with a chance to win the Super Bowl.

“I would be fine with him on the Rams, Packers or Chiefs. If he goes to Jameis Winston and the Saints, Jameis could be a dark horse MVP candidate. But the one team I most want to see him on is the Buccaneers with Tom Brady. We know he loves Tom Brady. He gave him the GOAT-haired cleats a few years ago. He wants to play with him, he can replace Antonio Brown, he’d have a chance to win a Super Bowl. I think that’d be a great landing spot for him and an awesome story.”

Nick Wright disagreed, calling Tampa’s wide receiver room “full.” In Wright’s opinion, two other squads fit the bill for Beckham’s skillset.

“I’ve been saying the Packers for a long time, even when they had Davante Adams,” Wright recalled. “[But] I don’t think he’s going to sign up to play in the smallest market in the NFL, with the worst weather in the NFL.”

Wright’s other option would be a far better weather destination.

“I could see him going to San Francisco,” he said. 

“I’m higher on Trey Lance than you guys are. He has the potential to be a great quarterback. They have Deebo Samuel, who’s their best WR and better than Odell, but he’s not used just as a traditional WR. Brandon Aiyuk is awesome if he’s your third-best receiver. They could use some speed, and you can use Odell on end-arounds and [other runs]. San Francisco makes the most sense, even if they’re not one of the leading candidates.”

Judging Beckham’s online presence, he’s not worried about his pool of opportunities as he remains ready for a call he fully expects to receive in the near future. What both he and the rest of the NFL landscape don’t know yet, though, is who that call will be from.

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