Wilt Chamberlain Said Michael Jordan Wouldn’t Succeed In His Time And 60s Era: “He’s 6-Foot-7 And Like 197 Pounds… It Wouldn’t Be Wise For Michael Jordan To Play In Our Eras.”

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By Orlando Silva View the original article to see embedded media. Wilt Chamberlain had a thing for proving that he was better than players from the generations after him, especially centers that, according to him, couldn’t fill his shoes or Bill Russell’s. Chamberlain never minced words to talk about other players and prove why he was better than them. However, his favorite victim was none other than the GOAT, Michael Jordan, who took all the spotlights when he made it to the league. Wilt didn’t like all the flowers that MJ received for his game and never missed a chance to diss him and remind…

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