The Best NBA Player By Every Jersey Number For The 2022-23 Season

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Fadeaway World

By Nick Mac No. 00: Jordan Clarkson, No. 0: Jayson Tatum, No. 1: Devin Booker, No. 2: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, No. 3: Chris Paul, No. 4: Evan Mobley, No. 5: De’Aaron Fox, No. 6: LeBron James, No. 7: Kevin Durant, No. 8: Zach LaVine, No. 9: Jerami Grant, No. 10: Darius Garland Over time, NBA players and their jersey numbers become iconic and entrenched in NBA history. The number 23 is synonymous with Michael Jordan. The numbers 24 and 8 are synonymous with Kobe Bryant. Number 32 is Magic Johnson, Number 34 is Shaq and Hakeem, and so on and so forth. The jerseys that iconic NBA players have worn…

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