SI:AM | Jabari Smith Should be No. 1

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Sports Illustrated

By Josh Rosenblat Plus, we can’t take our eyes off Oneil Cruz. Good morning, I’m Josh Rosenblat. Somehow the NBA draft is just one day away. In today’s SI:AM: 🏀 The case for Jabari Smith âšľ Oneil Cruz is the truth đź‘‹ Brooks Koepka says goodbye What to watch for in the NBA draftThe NBA Finals ended less than a week ago. But already attention has to turn to the future of the league, with the NBA draft tomorrow at 8 p.m. on ESPN. Here are five things you should be looking out for as we get closer to that first selection. Jabari Smith should be No. 1The Magic hold the cards with the No. 1 pick and t…

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