Shannon Sharpe Blasts Kyrie Irving For Wasting Kevin Durant’s Time: “I Know KD Is Trying To Win A Championship And This Man Wasting His Time With Some Bull Jive.”

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Fadeaway World

By Divij Kulkarni Shannon Sharpe has accused Kyrie Irving of wasting Kevin Durant’s time and opportunity to win a ring. View the original article to see embedded media. Kyrie Irving isn’t often in the good books of fans and media, he is too polarizing a figure off the court. On the court, Kyrie is a magician, a dazzler. His skills with the ball are second to none and no one comes close to his ability to dribble and score. However, off the court, he tends to make some controversial statements. Despite an overarching message of love and peace, Kyrie’s anti-vaccine stance rubbed a lot of people t…

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