Ronnie 2K Hit Back At Klay Thompson After He Criticized The Game For His Three-Point Rating: “Even Though Klay Said He Hadn’t Played NBA2K… The Fact That He Cares About His Rating So Much, I Know That’s Not True.”

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By Divij Kulkarni Ronnie 2K had a response for Klay Thompson who called out NBA 2K23 for his three-point rating. View the original article to see embedded media. NBA 2K is the most anticipated basketball game almost every year, with fans and players alike playing it quite a bit. The next edition of the game, NBA 2K23 recently released ratings for a lot of players. This always causes some controversy and talk among stars in the league and this time proved to be no different. Russell Westbrook got roasted for having a lesser rating than Patrick Beverley, while even superstars like Kevin Durant w…

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