Nick Canepa: Padres looking like team that could be headed for Cabo in October

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The San Diego Union-Tribune

SAN DIEGO — The Padres can be a hard, frustrating follow. Far too often, I feel as though I’m binge-watching C-SPAN with pink eye. I can see them playing in the middle of Baseball October. But somewhere sunny. Relaxing. Cabo, maybe. Cancun. French Riviera. The Maldives. Maui. Maybe a fictional paradise — I wanna say, Bali Hai. No major league ballparks in those destinations. And that’s if they make the wild-card playoffs, so they could be bagging rays and catching some tasty waves earlier in the month. As of this moment, that if can be seen from Alpha Centauri. I’ve read every Padres who-done-…

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