MLB DFS Friday Frenzy

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Prime Time Sports Talk

For this massive 14-game DFS slate tonight on DraftKings, we are going to do something a little different. Because of the number of players available, I will give you one from each salary tier for each position. There will be a high-end tier, a mid-range, and a cheap option. For the players the tiers will work like this: *Pitchers:*High-End: $9,000+Mid-Range: $7,600-$8,900Cheap: $7,500- *Batters:*High-End: $4,600+Mid-Range: $3,600-$4,500Cheap: $3,500- In the interest of transparency as well as wanting to see how this goes, I will post the results on Sunday’s DFS article so stay tuned. Be sure …

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