Mike Sielski: The Sixers hated playing against P.J. Tucker. That’s why they signed him.

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The Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA — You know P.J. Tucker. If you’ve played any basketball in your life, you’ve played against P.J. Tucker, and you likely hated it. Or you’ve played with P.J. Tucker, and you loved it. P.J. Tucker is 37, which makes him an old man by NBA standards, and more to the point, P.J. Tucker has an old man’s game, in the best and the most infuriating ways possible. And, when he decided to sign with the 76ers this offseason, the most lucrative way possible. P.J. Tucker is 6-foot-5 and stumpy and balding. P.J. Tucker doesn’t jump all that high, which means that P.J. Tucker rarely dunks, if he …

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