Mike Breen’s ‘Way Off’ Is One of the Best Sports Broadcaster Catchphrases of All Time

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Sports Illustrated

By Jimmy Traina What the ESPN personality does with just two words is truly remarkable. 1. Sports fans know the most popular broadcaster catchphrases of all time. Whether it’s Marv Albert’s “YES!, Keith Jackson’s “Whoa, Nellie,” John Madden’s “BOOM!” or even things like Jim Nantz’s “Hello, friends” or Brent Musburger’s “You are looking LIVE,” every sports fan has their favorites. ABC/ESPN’s Mike Breen has also created an iconic catchphrase with “BANG!” on clutch 3-pointers. However, Breen deserves to be acknowledged for another catchphrase that’s just as iconic. I’ll put Breen’s “way off” on t…

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