Marcus Hayes: Nick Sirianni abandoned the run, asked Jalen Hurts to win it, cost the Eagles their best playoff shot

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The Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA — Don’t blame the quarterback’s three interceptions. Don’t blame the receiver’s two drops. Jalen Hurts and Jalen Reagor did their level best. Blame the rookie head coach. Nick Sirianni just had to show us all that he didn’t need a running game. Run the ball? That’s for Neanderthals. Rubes. Dummies. Except … The first tenet of good coaching is simple: Never ask your players to do what they cannot. The second tenet is simpler: Play to your strengths. Sirianni disobeyed both. And, so, more than anyone else, it is Sirianni who lost the game to the Giants, 13-7. Eagles running backs …

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