Marcus Hayes: Keith Hernandez says Phillies aren’t worth his time as Mets series looms

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The Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA — Move over, Jerry Jones. Step aside, Carson Wentz. Make room, Ben Simmons. Keith Hernandez wants a spot on Philly’s Mount Rushmore of hate. Hernandez just started a war he won’t even bother to attend. Beginning Friday, the Phillies play seven of their next 10 games against the Mets, and Hernandez’s blithe dismissal of a formidable foe has rekindled a rivalry. Hernandez, in a moment of laziness and ignorance, insulted the Phillies in a Mets broadcast Tuesday night. He said he “hates” to cover Mets/Phillies series because, “As far as fundamentally, [and] defensively, the Phillies h…

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