Marcus Hayes: Howie Roseman, Exec of the Year? No-brainer, says Jeffrey Lurie.

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The Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA — Jeffrey Lurie answered the question with a question, and with a coarseness both charming and alarming coming from a man with a Ph.D. from an ivory tower like Brandeis University. “Jesus,” said the Eagles’ owner, “if Howie’s not Executive of the Year, who is?” Good question, professor. Howie Roseman was the Aaron Judge of NFL execs in 2022. He just kept hitting home run after home run. Freed from the 2021 salary-cap prison created by Carson Wentz’s treachery, Roseman remodeled the Eagles’ roster and turned a rickety, 9-8 fixer-upper into a 14-win showplace. From A.J. Brown, to Ha…

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