Mac Engel: The problem with Texas A&M football isn’t Jimbo Fisher. It’s the job.

Published by
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

There is no colder seat in college football than the one in College Station, Texas. It’s a maroon and white Lazy-Boy recliner made of crisp $100 bills, and it comes with air conditioned vents set 72 degrees, a ‘fridge on the side with a built-in remote control for the 96-inch screen TV. The best part, the man who sits in this recliner didn’t even have to pay for it even though he makes about $9 million a year. Jimbo Fisher is not The Man. He is The King. And God doesn’t have to save This King. Texas A&M does every day. Jimbo Fisher is still the right hire for Texas A&M. Because, with Texas A&M…

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