Let's enjoy cherry blossom viewing in Yamagata City this spring! 4 Selected Cherry Blossom Sightseeing Spots in Yamagata City

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Cherry blossoms along the Mamigasaki Sakura Line Photo courtesy of: Yamagata City Tourism Association Recommended here ! : Cherry blossom tunnel. You can enjoy it while walking on the sidewalk or driving. Best time to see cherry blossoms : Usually early April to mid-April Type of cherry blossoms : Someiyoshino Other : __[Events related to Mamigasaki Sakura Line cherry blossoms]__ Event name : Mamigasaki Sakura Line Illumination Date : Early April to mid-April (starting to bloom to falling) Light-up time : 18:30-21:00 (varies according to flowering) Contact : Mamigasaki Sakura Line Illuminati…

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