Kendrick Perkins Claims Luka Doncic Is LeBron James Minus The Athleticism: “He’s Not Cut Up, He’s Not Chiseled, But He Can’t Be Guarded!”

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By Aditya Mohapatra The NBA each year has several up-and-coming young players who are showing incredible potential to be the next superstar in the league. Luka Doncic was in a similar boat during his very first season in the NBA. Since his debut with the Dallas Mavericks, Doncic showed the league why he was perhaps the best player in his draft class and why doubting his European League roots was wrong. In the four seasons that Doncic has played in the league so far, he has broken some records and has become a talismanic figure with the Mavericks. Taking the Mavericks to the Western Conference …

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