Greg Cote: Canes’ Cristobal, Fins’ McDaniel on honeymoons in Miami, but, ask Jimbo — they end fast

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Miami Herald

We know nothing. We’re all dumb. We prop ourselves up as experts on what teams are good and what teams aren’t, but it’s all just guesswork. I’m talking about media folks bleating from on high, from ESPN ‘s Stephen A. Smith down to me. But I’m talking about you, too. Fans are also dumb. Welcome back, football! We are all clueless about, and merry hostages to, your enduring mystery. We love football, college and pro, and one of the many reasons is that it humbles us. Just when we think we have it all nailed, Appalachian State wins at No. 6-ranked Texas A&M in College Station. Just when we think …

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