David Murphy: Three thoughts on the Phillies’ free-agent and trade markets, and the hunt for a few good arms

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The Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA — Thinking out loud about the Phillies offseason … Let’s not forget why the Phillies started 25-32. Let’s not forget why they lost Games 3 and 4 in the NLCS. The easiest drum to beat in baseball is the one that says, “More pitching.” Nevertheless, here we go. Ba-dum-dum-dum Ba-dum-dum-dum More pitching! 1. Aaron Nola is going to be worth more to another team than he is to the Phillies. The writing sure felt like it was on the wall in the aftermath of Game 7. Dave Dombrowski noted in his year-end press conference that the Phillies had tried to sign Nola to an extension before the…

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