Coach Bob Knight Shared The Story Of When He Criticized Michael Jordan For Not Setting Screens During The 1984 Olympics: “The Only Way I Get All Five Guys Screening, Mike, Is If I Get You The Hell Out Of The Game!”

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By Nico Martinez View the original article to see embedded media. Michael Jordan may be the greatest basketball player ever, but it doesn’t mean he didn’t get chewed out from time to time. O Reddit this week, one clip that has resurfaced online shows former Team USA coach Bob Knight telling the story of the time he went off on Michael Jordan for not setting screens in the 1984 Olympics. “After the first half of our game with Spain in 1984 for the Gold medal. We’re ahead by 29 points, we played basketball as well as the game can be played. Michael Jordan has played 12 minutes out of the 20. He …

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