Benjamin Hochman: They came, they saw, they KaKaw’d. Battlehawks’ game was loud and proud.

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch

It was third and 6 for the visitors, and it wasn’t just loud; it was “scream so Stan Kroenke can hear you” loud. It was “unabashedly St. Louis proud” loud. It was “1999 Rams game” loud. It was “my brain and body feel like there’s an earthquake in it” loud. There were 38,310 St. Louis fans Sunday at the Battlehawks’ first home game of the latest version of the XFL. Biggest crowd in league history. Thirty-eight thousand, three hundred and ten. They came, they saw, they KaKaw’d. “St. Louis, for us, is an icon city for the XFL — it is an example of when everything is going right,” said Dany Garcia…

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