Auto review: Chevy unleashes first all-wheel-drive, hybrid, 655-hp Corvette

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The Detroit News

The Chevrolet Corvette turned 70 years old Tuesday, and in celebration the iconic supercar showcased its first hybrid, all-wheel-drive model. The $104,295, 2024 Corvette E-Ray expands the mid-engine, C8 model’s offering with a grand touring version to complement its ferocious, rear-wheel-drive, $109,295 Z06 performance model and standard, $65,895 Stingray. The E-Ray and Z06 share a wider track and more aggressive body panels compared to the base car, but they diverge under the skin. With a Stealth mode that runs on the battery alone and all-season, AWD grip, E-Ray offers more refinement for th…

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